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Call Us 1 (830) 935-4568 | Drop Us A Line

Pavillion Area

The Pavilion Area at John Knox Ranch is quite expansive. We have two open air facilities within 100 yards of one another. One pavilion is set up with wooden tables and benches. This area is perfect for meals, but also for outdoor gatherings. The other pavilion is open for whatever use you can imagine! The Pavilion Area is perfect for outdoor reunions, gatherings, recreation, and fun!

A note about Meals: We are willing to prepare delicious homemade meals for guests at John Knox Ranch. We will work with your group (20 or more) to plan a menu that fits your dietary and programming needs. Our food is some of the BEST around, so let us feed you! $9 breakfast, $10 lunch, $11 supper

Please contact us if you are interested in renting this property. Availability is subject to change.
Rental Season: August 15th-May 15th

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